Free Online Video Production Training
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Free Online Video Production Training

About This Course

  • Smartphones are not enough. 

    This is the only comprehensive video production course on the web that has been created specifically for car dealers and based on years of dealership video production experience, taught by someone who has done everything he will be recommending. Blowing up sales volume? Check. Maximizing ad spend? Check. Going viral? Check. Personal branding? Oh yeah.

    Almost every digital marketing vendor in our industry is commanding you to “do video,” yet none of them tell you how. None of them address the dealer-specific challenges that prevent you from taking full of advantage of this exciting medium. Everyone seems to tell you that it’s just as easy as pulling out your smartphone and pressing record.

    So why isn’t that working?

    Somewhere along the way, we seem to have forgotten the viewer. We seem to have forgotten that not all videos are created equal, and we’re afraid that producing interesting, sharable video content takes more time and money than our organizations have.

    With over 50 video lessons, the Dealerography Video Production training program is here to address these challenges head-on through innovative lessons and real world examples.

    If your dealership is online, producing great video is as essential as having a working internet connection or a working telephone system. Stake your territory in the video frontier. Sign up today!

    In this course, you will learn:

    -The fundamental terminology of video production gear & how to buy it strategically

    -How to correctly expose your camera

    -How to find interesting topics at the dealership

    -How to overcome camera shyness

    -Interviewing techniques

    -Introduction to Adobe Premiere

    -Editing fundamentals

    -Telling stories with video

    -And much more! Click here for full video lesson list.

  • Let’s Do This.

    Make Amazing Video.
    This 54-lesson course is completely FREE. Start learning now!